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I have recently partnered with TradePub to offer FREE access to technology magazines and e-books to visitors of my site. You can view the full catalog here. Since I am primarily a web developer, I wanted to take the time to point out a few of my favorite (there are TONS more) free resources targeted at developers.

Sexy Web Design - Free 71 Page Preview!

You'll be guided through the entire process of creating a gorgeous, usable web site by applying the timeless principles of user-centered design. Even if you're short on design skills, with this book you'll be creating your own stunning web sites in no time at all.

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The PHP Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks, 2nd Edition - Free 207 Page Preview!

A compilation of the best solutions provided to common PHP questions. The PHP Anthology will save you time, and eliminate the frustration of completing PHP tasks, with a comprehensive collection of ready-to-use solutions. If you're building web applications with PHP you'll never let this book out of your site!

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Build Your Own ASP.NET 3.5 Web Site Using C# & VB, 3rd Edition - Free 219 Page Preview!

This comprehensive step-by-step guide will help get your database-driven ASP.NET web site up and running in no time. Build Your Own ASP.NET 3.5 Web Site Using C# & VB, 3rd Edition is packed full of practical examples, straightforward explanations, and ready-to-use code samples in both C# and VB.

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The JavaScript Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks - Free 158 Page Preview

The JavaScript Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks is a collection of over 100 thoroughly–tested, customizable and elegant solutions that will show you how to add usable and accessible interactivity to your site: from slick drop-down menus, to style sheet switchers, to AJAX applications, and much more.

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Oracle Magazine

Oracle Magazine contains technology strategy articles, sample code, tips, Oracle and partner news, how to articles for developers and DBAs, and more. Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) is the world's largest enterprise software company.

For more information about Oracle, please visit their Web site at Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Web developers or anyone interested in web development, I encourage you to download these great free resources today! These are just a few of my favorite picks and there are many more on topics ranging from SQL to internet marketing and business topics. Take a look at my full catalog here.