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Get quick, free feedback on your website design

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I recently came across a great site called  The site has a basic free service where you can get some basic visitor feedback.  The free service includes feedback about where the user clicks and what they remember about your site.  There are also more detailed services available if you wish to register and buy credits.  If you are working on a new website design, I would definitely recommend spending a few minutes to get some user feedback.  I submitted a few of my sites to this service and was surprised by some of the feedback I received.  Check it out here.


Preparing your MS SQL database for use with ASP.NET Membership Provider

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The ASP.NET Membership provider by default, will use a SQL Express database.  But if you want to use a database on an external SQL Database, you must prepare it.

This method uses Visual Studio 2008 (.NET 3.5) but will also work with ASP.NET 2.0.  It assumes you have already created a database(empty) and user name.

1)Go to Start Menu>Programs>Microsoft Visual Studio 2008>Visual Studio Tools>Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt

2)You will enter the following command(with the appropriate values)

aspnet_regsql.exe -U UserName -S ServerNameOrIp -d DatabaseName -A m

3)Doing this creates all necessary tables and objects in your database to support the membership provider.  

4)After preparing the database, you are ready to add the connection string to you web.config.


For more information on using the ASP.NET Membership Provider, see the MSDN article here.  


Warn users if they are using IE6

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Many web developers are beginning to shun support for IE6.  Here is a simple and reasonably nice way to warn any visitors still using IE6 that they need to upgrade.  If you are still using static HTML files, you can put this code at the very beginning of your HTML file, before the HTML tag. If you are building an ASP.NET site, you can place this code at the top of your MasterPage file.  I put it after any "<&@ Master" .... and "<&@ Register..." tags and before the "<!DOCTYPE..." and "<HTML..." tags.  This will cause the warning message to appear at the top of the page for any visitors using IE6.  Other browsers will ignore the code.   You could certainly modify the CSS to tailor the warning appearance to your liking.


This code sample and usage is adapted from a post by Scott Hanselman.


Using the ASP.NET Ajax Modal Popup Control

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I came across this nice clear example on how to use the Modal Popup from the Ajax Control toolkit.  This particular example uses the control to display a detail record from a datagrid.  A pretty useful example with good explanation of what is going on.  Check it out here.


Preventing SQL Injection attacks in ASP.NET

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MikesDotNetting recently did a great article on SQL Injection.  He gave a great explanation of the problem with examples and how to prevent injection attacks.  If you are writing code that executes SQL based on user input (text boxes, etc) you REALLY need to take a look at his article.  You can check it out here


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