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Keep your Nvidia video card drivers up to date!

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One of the most important performance tips for gamers is to keep your video card drivers up to date. Nvidia has updated their driver widget, making it simple to make sure you have the most current video card drivers.


Bored? Browse some game videos!

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Bored? Browse some game videos!


Guild Wars 2 Trailer Released! Finally!

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I have been playing the first Guild Wars with my wife for almost 2 years. We have been long awaiting this sequel, along with millions of others across the globe. The publishers have finally put out a trailer for the new game, after keeping tight lipped for some time. Unfortunately, they have yet to announce a firm release date other than "when it's done". I can understand their position; flaws in MMO's with millions of players are widely criticized. Anyhow, here is the official trailer straight from the ArenaNet You Tube Channel. Watch the trailer below and visit for more official information.


My Term Paper on Gaming Addiction

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What is it and how do we deal with it?


Free Online First Person Shooter

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Combat Arms

This is a pretty good multi-player, modern day shooter. The game really is free to play, and there is a good selection of character and weapon upgrades using the in-game credit system. The graphics are nice (not quite Crysis) and the game play what you would expect for an online shooter; team death match, every man for himself, capture the flag, etc. The player leveling system is decent and I was able to go from Trainee, Recuit, to Private in a few hours of play.

I have spent a good portion of the weekend playing this game, so I can say from experience it is a great value for the money (FREE). There are additional upgrades you can buy with real money, but don't feel like you have to. As an experienced FPS'er I had no problems ranking high in matches with the "free" equipment. No credit card information is required to play the game. Just go to their website, create an account, and download the game.


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