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Watch TV and Listen to Radio on your HDTV

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Boxee is a must if you have a PC connected to your TV, or really even if you don’t. There is now a Boxee client for Windows, Mac and Linux. Using Boxee, you can browse and watch numerous media sources. Many full length TV shows, movie trailers, movies, and other HD video await your screen. There are even audio feeds such as iTunes and Pandora radio. You can see an intro to Boxee in the video below and go to the boxee site to register and download the free client.

quick intro to boxee from boxee on Vimeo.

the October 20th release of boxee takes the great user interface of our social media center to control all of your downloaded media, and adds the great streaming content from CBS, Comedy Channel and Hulu! When your friends watch a TV show or movie that is on any one of these (and more) streaming sites, boxee will automatically connect you to the full movie or featured clips, so you can watch along with your friends, for free!


4 Free Issues of BusinessWeek Magazine

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Try 4 Issues of BusinessWeek – Risk Free!

Subscribe to BusinessWeek for a fraction of the cover price!

BusinessWeek provides a deeper understanding of the trends that drive growth, how technology creates opportunities, and what best practices keep them ahead of the competition.

Business Week

PLUS, Receive a Free Gift just for trying BusinessWeek – their valuable digital playbook: Power Plays. Learn firsthand how some of the most influential leaders in business reached the top of their game!

You will receive 4 RISK-FREE issues of BusinessWeek and their digital playbook, Power Plays, plus access to the latest issue online.

You can choose to:

  • Continue to receive 46 additional issues (50 issues total) for just $30.00. (for Canadian subscribers, C$30.00) That's only 60¢ per issue! 88% savings off the newsstand cover price!
  • Continue to receive 21 additional issues (25 issues total) for just $20.00. (for Canadian subscribers, C$20.00) That's only 80¢ per issue! 84% savings off the newsstand cover price!
  • Keep just the 4 FREE trial issues and owe nothing by returning the bill marked "cancel".

*BusinessWeek's newsstand price is $4.99 per issue.

Request your 4 free issues here!


Firefox 3.5 is out!

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Firefox 3.5 has been finalized and is ready for download. Upgrade to the newest version now! If you are still using Internet Explorer, you should do yourself a favor and give Firefox a try. It is faster, safer, and more customizable than IE. And hey, its FREE!

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Run older applications on Windows 7 with Windows XP Mode

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Microsoft is going to try their hardest to convince you to upgrade to Windows 7. In my opinion, the "Windows XP Mode" feature helps ease the transition if you have applications that require XP. This feature is an integrated copy of Windows XP Professional that allows you to run XP apps side-by-side with Win 7 apps. Windows XP Mode will be included with Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate Editions.

If you don't have one of those three Windows 7 versions, you will be able to download Windows Virtual PC separately here. For more information about the Windows XP Mode feature in Windows 7 you can go here. If you are considering an ugprade to Windows 7 but still have applications that require Windows XP I would recommend exploring this option.


Free Online Linux 101 course

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Visitors who have read my site for a while may recall an article I previously posted about linux_penguinfree online courses. One of those free course providers is HP. It looks like they now have an introduction to Linux course! Maybe you have heard about Linux and were curious, but just didn't know how to get started. Here is a great opportunity! This course focuses on Debian, which is a very popular distro that many others are based on. Check out the free online course Linux 101: a beginner's guide.

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