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Home Software Watch TV and Listen to Radio on your HDTV

Watch TV and Listen to Radio on your HDTV

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Boxee is a must if you have a PC connected to your TV, or really even if you don’t. There is now a Boxee client for Windows, Mac and Linux. Using Boxee, you can browse and watch numerous media sources. Many full length TV shows, movie trailers, movies, and other HD video await your screen. There are even audio feeds such as iTunes and Pandora radio. You can see an intro to Boxee in the video below and go to the boxee site to register and download the free client.

quick intro to boxee from boxee on Vimeo.

the October 20th release of boxee takes the great user interface of our social media center to control all of your downloaded media, and adds the great streaming content from CBS, Comedy Channel and Hulu! When your friends watch a TV show or movie that is on any one of these (and more) streaming sites, boxee will automatically connect you to the full movie or featured clips, so you can watch along with your friends, for free!


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