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Free Online Computer Classes

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I know there is a ton of free information available on the internet, but here are a couple sites I like that offer some free online classes.

  • HP (yes the computer maker) has several free online courses about Digital Photography, Computer Security, and Home Office topics. Check them out here: HP Online Courses
  • Did you know you that MIT offers much of their curriculum online for free? They make a point to tell you that you won't get any college credit from using the material, and the professors will not assist you. But the information is there for over 1800 courses; lecture notes, labs, videos, etc. You can see the course list here and information to help get you started here.
  • Google also offers what they call "Google Code University". There are some general tutorials on programming languages (C++, Java, Python) as well as web technology and security. These are more oriented toward geeks and not so much the first timer. You can find that here: Google Code University
  • For anyone wanting to learn about web development and design, I would direct you to the W3Schools site. This awesome site has step by step tutorials on just about every web topic you can think of; HTML, CSS, XML, SQL, ASP, and the list goes on. Many of the college courses I took referenced this site. Check it out here:



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