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Home Web How to fix - Wordpress Dashboard has no menus

How to fix - Wordpress Dashboard has no menus

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I recently encountered an interesting problem on a Wordpress Site.  When logging in to the dashboard as the administrator, there were noDashboard menu options other than "Profile".  The last time I logged in, all standard "admin" options were present.  Doing a search for this issue, I encounterd several posts where the dashboard was a white screen or otherwise not loading completely.  I decided to follow a similar troubleshooting path, and went through the standard check for plugin/theme issues by disabling them all.  No luck.  I checked several other settings, and enabled debug mode.  Still no luck.  I updated to the newest version of Wordpress manually to ensure it wasn't a bad auto-update, again no luck.  I even reinstalled the current version of the Wordpress app.  It turned out to be something much more simple to resolve.  My user had somehow lost its administrative rights. 

The solution is very simple.  First, if you have another user with admin rights, login with it to see if it still has rights.  If so, re-grant your primary user administrative rights.  If not, and this is what I had to do, you can add a new admin user directly in the database.  In my case, this meant using phpMyAdmin to execute some simple SQL to create a new user.  

There is a great writeup for adding a user in the database here.  If you are unlucky enough to encounter the same issue, I hope this helps.  Hopefully you can perform these simple steps and save yourself a few hours of work.


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