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Home Software Awesome free new resources for learning about Linux!

Awesome free new resources for learning about Linux!

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We are proud to offer a large new selection of FREE eBooks for those interested in Linux.  If you are just getting started or looking for more advanced information, we have you covered!

Learn the basics of the Linux operating systems. Get to know what it is all about, and familiarize yourself with the practical side. Basically, if you're a complete Linux newbie and looking for a quick and easy guide to get you started this is it.  Get it here
Slackware Linux Essentials is an indispensible resource that you will want to have by your side at all times. It contains the most complete and up-to-date information available on the Slackware Linux Operating System.  Get it here
A comprehensive collection of Linux security products and explanations in the most simple and structured manner on how to safely and easily configure and run many popular Linux-based applications and services.  Get it here
In this ebook "The GNU/Linux Operating System", the main contents are related with system administration. You will learn how to install and configure several computer services, and how to optimize and synchronize the resources using GNU/Linux.  Get it here

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Featured FREE Resource:

Featured FREE Resource: