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Home Hardware What should I do with all my old CD's and DVD's?

What should I do with all my old CD's and DVD's?

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Do you have a lot of old CD's and DVD's sitting around collecting dust?  Why not cash them in for a shiny new iPod, iPhone, or iPad?  If your old discs are in good shape, you can send them in to and they will send you a brand new gadget!  There are some requirements to the condition of your discs; for example no porn, no scratched discs, and no promotional discs (see website for complete details).  If you are wondering what this company could possibly want with your old music and movies, its  very simple.  They sell these items in lower income, foreign countries where MP3 players are not common.  The iPodMeister site has a complete lookup table to show you just how many discs you have to trade in to get new gadgets.  Currently you can get an iPod Nano for 220 CDs/DVDs.  For a few discs more, they will even rip all your music to MP3 and send the digital files back to you! 

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