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Home Gaming Educational Gaming - Immune Attack

Educational Gaming - Immune Attack

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The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) has released a new educational tool called Immune Attack.  It was developed jointly by FAS, University of Southern California, Brown University, and Escape Hatch Entertainment.  This is essentially a Third Person Shooter video game that teaches the player about immunology.  According to the game's site, "You must navigate a nanobot through a 3D environment of blood vessels and connective tissue in an attempt to save an ailing patient by retraining her non-functional immune cells.  Along the way, you will learn about the biological processes that enable macrophages and neutrophils – white blood cells – to detect and fight infections."  Sounds like a pretty cool way for middle and high school students to learn about science.  Much more interactive than the text books of my day!  The game is free of course and available at


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