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Home Development Warn users if they are using IE6

Warn users if they are using IE6

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Many web developers are beginning to shun support for IE6.  Here is a simple and reasonably nice way to warn any visitors still using IE6 that they need to upgrade.  If you are still using static HTML files, you can put this code at the very beginning of your HTML file, before the HTML tag. If you are building an ASP.NET site, you can place this code at the top of your MasterPage file.  I put it after any "<&@ Master" .... and "<&@ Register..." tags and before the "<!DOCTYPE..." and "<HTML..." tags.  This will cause the warning message to appear at the top of the page for any visitors using IE6.  Other browsers will ignore the code.   You could certainly modify the CSS to tailor the warning appearance to your liking.


This code sample and usage is adapted from a post by Scott Hanselman.


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