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How to cleanup your Windows 7 computer

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I am frequently asked the same question...."My computer is really slow, what should I do to speed it up?"  Assuming you don't have any hardware failures or serious malware infections, it may just need some cleanup.  If you are looking cleanup your Windows system, try the simple steps listed below.  Good luck!


  1. Download Glary Utilities
  2. Install Glary, but watch each step...when you get to the "Install Glary Toolbar" step, UNCHECK ALL 4 BOXES
  3. Once installed, Scan and Run the 1-click maintenance option.
Remove Startup programs
  1. In Glary, go to Modules
  2. Go to Optimize and Improve
  3. Click Startup Manager
  4. Delete entries for anything not necessary...Look for anything that is an "updater", these are common ones I see and disable.  If you aren't sure what something is, google it or ask me.
  • Adobe/Acrobat_ARM
  • Java Updater
  • Google Updater
Disk Check (If you have an SSD, you might want to skip this step.  Google "Disk Check SSD" for more info)
  1. Open My Computer
  2. Right Click your C: drive, properties
  3. Click Tools
  4. Error Checking -> Check Now
  5. Check both boxes and Start.
  6. You will get a popup about doing the check on startup.  Click Yes.
  7. Close all windows and restart your computer.
  8. It should start diskcheck when it starts backup (and may take an hour or so)
  1. Open My Computer
  2. Right Click your C: drive, properties
  3. Click Tools
  4. Defragment Now...
  5. In the new window, Click defragment disk.

Feel free to contact me or post on the forum with any questions!



A great tool to automate installation of several common applications on your PC

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Let's say you just built a new computer or had to reinstall Windows on your PC.  You probably have several programs you always use and plan to install.  What a hassle to go grab installers for each program and click, click, click through each step.  Well, you're in luck.  Ninite offers a way to automate these mundane installers into a streamlined process.

Its very select applications by checking the boxes and then click 'Get Installer'.  The service creates a script that runs on your computer and installs your programs.  


I would recommend checking out my favorite applications available in the tool:

This tool is a great way to save some time to install commonly used programs on your Windows PC.  The Ninite service is free, ad-ware free, virus free, and works great.  Did I mention it also defaults to NO for all those installers that prompt you to install more apps (try our free toolbar, etc).  I would highly recommend you check out this tool at


Discount on Mozy backup service for your computer

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Right now Mozy is offering a 10% discount to signup for their automated pc backup service. Just use promo code 2012 when you register. This really is a simple service to setup; there is no reason why you shouldn't keep your files and photos safe. I wrote a tutorial for the setup process which you can read here.


Check out Mozy, they even offer a free version to get started!

Computer online backup should be automatic. Get free backup with Mozy or unlimited Mozy backup for $4.95


How to add an image to Word Press Blog posting

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This may be old news to someone experienced with CMS and websites, but for someone new to blogging, this information may be helpful.  Many people who blog may create the content locally on their PC, in Word for example, and then paste the information into the blog.  This works great to capture text and basic formatting, but if you have images, you may wonder why those images don't display. 

In short form, the answer is that you have to upload images to the blog site before you can use them.  The steps listed below will help detail how to accomplish this...

  1. Once you are in the editor to write or edit a post, click the "Add an Image" button.
    add wordpress image
  2. Now you will select the image stored on your computer.  First click the "Browse.." button and locate the image on your PC.  Next, click the "Upload" button to load it to the webserver.
    upload wordpress image
  3. After hitting "Upload" a new screen will appear. Here you can provide a title for the image file, a caption (used by screen readers), and a description.  You can also choose how the image will be aligned in your article and its size.  After making your edits, click "Insert into Post".  This will add the image to the article you currently have open.
    insert wordpress image to article
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