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How to cleanup your Windows 7 computer

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I am frequently asked the same question...."My computer is really slow, what should I do to speed it up?"  Assuming you don't have any hardware failures or serious malware infections, it may just need some cleanup.  If you are looking cleanup your Windows system, try the simple steps listed below.  Good luck!


  1. Download Glary Utilities
  2. Install Glary, but watch each step...when you get to the "Install Glary Toolbar" step, UNCHECK ALL 4 BOXES
  3. Once installed, Scan and Run the 1-click maintenance option.
Remove Startup programs
  1. In Glary, go to Modules
  2. Go to Optimize and Improve
  3. Click Startup Manager
  4. Delete entries for anything not necessary...Look for anything that is an "updater", these are common ones I see and disable.  If you aren't sure what something is, google it or ask me.
  • Adobe/Acrobat_ARM
  • Java Updater
  • Google Updater
Disk Check (If you have an SSD, you might want to skip this step.  Google "Disk Check SSD" for more info)
  1. Open My Computer
  2. Right Click your C: drive, properties
  3. Click Tools
  4. Error Checking -> Check Now
  5. Check both boxes and Start.
  6. You will get a popup about doing the check on startup.  Click Yes.
  7. Close all windows and restart your computer.
  8. It should start diskcheck when it starts backup (and may take an hour or so)
  1. Open My Computer
  2. Right Click your C: drive, properties
  3. Click Tools
  4. Defragment Now...
  5. In the new window, Click defragment disk.

Feel free to contact me or post on the forum with any questions!



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