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A great tool to automate installation of several common applications on your PC

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Let's say you just built a new computer or had to reinstall Windows on your PC.  You probably have several programs you always use and plan to install.  What a hassle to go grab installers for each program and click, click, click through each step.  Well, you're in luck.  Ninite offers a way to automate these mundane installers into a streamlined process.

Its very select applications by checking the boxes and then click 'Get Installer'.  The service creates a script that runs on your computer and installs your programs.  


I would recommend checking out my favorite applications available in the tool:

This tool is a great way to save some time to install commonly used programs on your Windows PC.  The Ninite service is free, ad-ware free, virus free, and works great.  Did I mention it also defaults to NO for all those installers that prompt you to install more apps (try our free toolbar, etc).  I would highly recommend you check out this tool at


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