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How to add Simple Error Alerting to an SSIS package

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If you using SSIS to move data around, you may have jobs where error notifications can't wait until the next day.  It is extremely simple to add email/paging/text alerts to your SSIS package.  Here is how to add simple error alerting to your SSIS package.  Note this process is detailed for the MS SQL 2005 version of SSIS.

1.  Click in the open space in the Control Flow designer.

 2.  Click the Event Handlers tab in your SSIS package.




3.  Ensure the Executable drop down box has the package name selected, not a sub item. Also ensure the Event Handler is set to OnError.


4. Click the link “Click here to create an ‘OnError’ event…” in the center of the panel.

 5.  Now from the toolbox on the left, drag a Send Mail Task out to the designer.


6.  Double click the Send Mail Task and click the Mail item on the left.


 7.  Supply information for From, To, Subject, and leave MessageSource blank.

 8.  If you have not established an SMTP connection yet in the project, then create a one using the appropriate server name.


 9.  Now go to the Expressions section and click the […] button to open expression editor.

10.  Choose the MessageSource Property and for Expression use @[System::ErrorDescription]


 11.  Click OK to close out all dialogs, and now the package will send email alerts when it encounters errors.


If you found this article helpful, you may also enjoy my article on Simple SSIS Logging.  


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