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How to add Simple Logging to an SSIS Package

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If you using SSIS to move data around, you will probably want to log package start/stop times and any errors that occur. This is much easier to setup than you might.  The first time you run a package with logging enable, SSIS will even create the log table for you! It just requires create table permission in the database you choose.  So without further ado, here is how to add simple logging to your SSIS package.  Note this process is detailed for the MS SQL 2005 version of SSIS.

1) Open package and right-click in the open space of the Control Flow tab.  Click Logging…



1a) Check the top left box with the folder icon (this enables logging for all pieces of the package).

1b) Change Provider type to SSIS log provider for SQL Server

1c) Click Add…

1d) Check the box under the Name column.

1e) Click inside the Configuration field and choose

1f) Choose w1ppdb001.EventLogger.wfbi.  If not yet available, click New... , add it and click OK.


1g) Click the Details tab and check only the OnError box.  We have the ability to log almost any event in the package, bu t doing so can greatly impact performance.


2) Click OK and logging is set up!


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