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Speed up your PC while playing games for FREE

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I found this neat little tool to help improve your computer's performance while playing games or running other demanding applications. It's a free program called Game Booster from IObit. It basically just disables unneeded Windows services for you with one click.

When I ran the program and hit the 'Switch to Gaming Mode!' button, it killed all the unnecessary services and even offered to shut off my Anti-virus program and Vista Sidebar. Yes you can do this all manually, but it would take several clicks and a few minutes to do. This application does it quickly and will just as quickly turn everything back on when you hit 'Back to Normal Mode', including your Anti-virus and sidebar. PLEASE remember to return to Normal Mode before you start surfing the internet again! I must admit this program will NOT turn your 1.8 ghz AMD Sempron into a gaming monster. But it does certainly stop some of the background processes running on your computer, to help you squeeze every last FPS [frame per second, for you non-hardcore gamers Wink] out of your computer.

According to IOBit, you can use this software on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

You can check out this program here at IOBit's website:


Try out games before you buy them

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This may be old news to long time gamers, but did you know that many PC game makers offer free trials of their games? That's right, you can download the game and try it out before you shell out $30, $40, or even $50 for a game. I have gathered here a few LEGAL places you can download game trials and listed them below. - Its true. Microsoft not only makes Window, but also many of the games you may enjoy. You can download trials and even buy the games if you decide you like them. Microsoft's site offers trials of games such as "Halo: Combat Evolved", "Age Of Empires III", "Flight Simulator X","Rise of Nations", "Zoo Tycoon 2", and more.

FilePlanet - Here you can download trials for games like "Crysis","Dawn of War II", "Company of Heros", "FEAR 2" and many others. FilePlanet also offers the ability to buy any of these games should you want the full version.


Maybe game demos aren't your thing and you just want to buy some cheap games? If so, Direct2Drive (digital game store) has many games like "Red Alert 3" and "Mass Effect" for less than $20... Games for under $20 icon


Maybe you are looking for great deals on console games?

GameStop sells used games on the cheap... Used Xbox, 360, PS2, PS3 games starting at 99 CENTS icon

SecondSpin also sells used games cheap... 20% off all video games at! Use code gamesale at checkout.


If you like to play a lot of console games, maybe you have considered renting them? Gamefly even delivers them right to your door for one low monthly fee. Start for only $8.95.


Call of Duty 4 Galactic Warfare MOD!

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Now this looks almost too good to be true. This German group is working on a StarWars mod for the awesome Call of Duty 4 engine. Let's hope this project succeeds and we can get our hands on this in the near future.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 February 2010 21:36

Good Old Games

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big_logo_tagline_darkThis new site rocks for anyone who still loves older PC games. You can browse through and buy/download tons of old games. All the games have even been updated to run on Window XP and Vista. Most of these games are $5.99 or $9.99, but there are even a few free games out there. They are even DRM free and don't require an internet connect for "activation". The site says its BETA, lets hope it sticks around and gets more publishers to agree to the "DRM-Free" sales arrangment. Check out GoodOldGames and get your old-school gaming on now.


Free Browser Based Football Game

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QuickHitInterested in playing football on your PC, but not quite ready for Madden? QuickHit has launched to beta its browser based football simulation game. In this game you build your team and call the plays. You can even invite your friends and play against them! Its free to play, no big download, and has pretty decent graphics for a browser game. It's a Flash based game so should run on a variety of computer systems and operating systems. I definitely recommend checking out this game if you could use some browser based football in your life.

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